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Laser and Light Shows

Laser and Light Show is the realization of magnificent colorful light shows in all kinds of indoor and outdoor areas by using high-tech laser show systems and equipment of “Pyrodigy Production”.
text, graphics, animations and logos can be printed in vector format with laser systems from 100 meters to 1 km distance. Text, logo and animation shows can be made with laser systems at festivals, concerts, national or international openings, national holidays and celebrations.

In addition, special shows can be designed in harmony with the architectural concept of the surface to be projected, with Laser Mapping Shows.

What is 3D Laser Mapping?

3D Laser mapping is a method of effects used to highlight important or desired architectural details on a surface and help it stand out.

However, it is used to perceive the effect to display the surface as if it were actually three-dimensional, instead of projecting the effect directly on a surface, with the 3D Laser Mapping method.

What are the Special Methods Used for 3D Laser Mapping?

Extremely powerful and robust software developed for designers who want to create the world’s largest and best laser shows are used.

3d Laser mapping utilizes Advanced Editor features such as surface alignment, tilting, and mapping.

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