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DMX Control Desk

What is DMX?

It is a protocol that works with RS485 interface. DMX data Normal value is at TTL level. It is one of the transport methods used to minimize data corruption when it will be sent over a long distance.

DMX data flow is usually unidirectional. It has a rate of 250,000Baud. It is in asynchronous serial format. The data format structure is given very clearly in the links above. DMX data transmission form is mostly used to control sound-light systems. A data (8 bits) that can vary between 0-255 can be sent within each address. Receiver Receiver devices follow the dmx data rate, and look at the data in its content when it comes to its own. . It does whatever it needs to do with that data.



Foam and Snow Machine

Ensuring that Pyro, flame, confetti, carbon effects and all other special effects work simultaneously and with accurate timing in stage show designs are issues that Pyrodigy specializes in. We use the world’s leading professional laser and multimedia control software and DMX Control equipment.

Grand MA2 On PC

MA onPC command wing

The MA2 onPC command wing is a midi keyboard designed for mobile use of the highly flexible and powerful grandMA2 control system. Together with the free grandMA2 onPC software, MA onPC command wing is the tool that can be used almost anywhere, can control a maximum of 2,048 parameters. It offers two built-in DMX ports, as well as two additional DMX universe output capabilities via Ethernet protocols with grandMA2 onPC. October 2, 2019.


Pyrodigy Production uses HOG consoles for the DMX control requirements of Laser show systems. Stock models include the hog 4 and 4N, which are compact, lightweight, easily portable and perfect for small to medium-Decker demonstrations.

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