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The spectacular show designer,

PYRODIGY is a production company that designs and carries out pyrotechnic shows, laser and multimedia shows, high tech light shows, live special effects and theatrical works in Turkey. Our ability to make spectacular stage shows in the best projects. Our company has a unique integrated production and realisation tool in the performing shows in large scale events. Our shows around the country we touch a large audience always hungry for enchantment.

Spectacular Shows!

Pyrodigy is able to deliver the full range of fireworks, pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic special effects for all types of events and productions.

Special Effects For All Occasions

Flames, gerbs, mines, comets, airbursts, fog screen, low Smoke Generator (LSG), CO2 Jet, unlimited selection of colors, shapes, sizes and textures of confetti.

Fireworks Display


Spectacular Fireworks Display


CO2, Flames, Gerbs, Mines, Comets


Great way to actually bring the show

Light Up Your Event

We bring together multidisciplinary teams engaged in a very artistic and technical achievement works allows us to make spectacular projects in the best conditions.

Show Design with 3d Simulators


Show design with 3d Simulator

Light Design


Light Design with High tech Consoles

Water Jet Screen


Water Jet Screen

Products and Systems

Strong Partners for Our Success

All our aim to deliver the highest quality and to create value and trust towards customers and we strive to constantly improve in all our areas.

pangolin laser show techniques

We’re Hiring !

Wide Range Products and Systems

We can deliver wide range SFX products and the corresponding systems for concert tours, festivals, outdoor shows, conferences, award ceremonies, product launches and exhibitions within the Turkey and worldwide.


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Bubble Effects

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Continued Innovation!

All our aim to deliver the highest quality and to create value and trust towards customers and we strive to constantly improve in all our areas.

We use most powerful tools for our show designs.

Our mission is Continued Innovation

The main role of Pyrodigy Production are Knowledge of programming and firing Pyro/Flames, Confetti and Streamer, Cryo/Smoke products and the corresponding systems.

Timecode, we adore.

Fantastic Timecode Shows in Pyro/Flame, Confetti/Streamer, Cryo/Smoke programming and operating.


We combine shows with video projections, pyrotechnics and conventional lightings. Any concept can be implemented by our team and we are able to adjust our shows to (almost) any budget.


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Since 2004 Here at Pyrodigy Production, we deliver to our event services in Turkey and worldwide.

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